The History of the Club

The club was first formed in 1987.
There were 10 members that set up the club, of which at least one of them still regularly fly's with the club.

The club has always flown from the Pebsham site, off of Bexhill Road. This area is rented from the Hastings Borough Council,
The club is affiliated to the BMFA (British Model Flying Association).
The club used to fly on the 3rd Tier field, but a couple of years ago the council wanted to put a Rugby pitch on our field, so it was agreed that we move to the 4th Tier which is behind the row of trees.
The club promotes safe flying and the responsible use of Drones.

More About our club

The clubs field is situated at the Bulverhythe playing fields in West St Leonards.
We are in the last field, just behind the row of trees and in front of the hill.
We are allowed to fly any fixed wing planes powered by IC engines or electric,
The club operates a 15lb weight limit for all models. I'm afraid we are not allowed fly turbine engined planes. Helicopters are allowed but
we by arrangement, do not fly both types at the same time.
We do not allow non members to fly, unless they are anticipating joining the club and if so
must be connected using a 'Buddie lead' with a qualified instructor.
We in the near future intend to allow the flying of 'Drones',
under the same conditions as for helicopters. We are hoping to dedicate an area on the field
where drones can be flown at low level (drone racing style).
We have a number of instructors available, mostly at weekends and one that can teach during the week.

How to join our Club

Please contact the Membership Secretary - Tony Hudson
Email Address: Memsec@1066mfc.co.uk

An application pack will be emailed to you upon request.
A copy of our rules can be viewed by clicking on this link: 1066 MFC Rules
Contact Membership Secretary for details!

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